Custom Home Building Made Easy


We pride ourselves in being a homebuilder that goes above and beyond to ensure your home is nothing less than the beautiful hill country home of your dreams.



Architectural Design

We have contacts with multiple architects and designers who will work along side you in designing your hill country home.


Jenkins and Associates will help you with your interim financing and mortgage.

Licensing and Permits

We take care of obtaining the necessary permits and plan approval from your HOA. We also carry the proper insurances to cover your home so you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.



Jenkins and Associates has built churches, offices, car washes, observatories, and is experienced in commercial building.

There is no telling what you will find in your backyard when your home is a Jenkins Custom Hill-Country Home. 


The beautiful hill country has new and exciting sights every day. From deer grazing in the backyard to Texas Longhorns, you are sure to have plenty of sights to see in your custom Jenkins backyard.



I have known Tom Jenkins for over 25 years when we contracted with him to build our first home. I was reluctant to build a home having heard all the horror stories.  At the end of the build we not only had a great experience, beautiful well-built home but developed a good friend as well. His integrity and willingness to please the customer was evident early on. Please realize that I was a cop at that time and very skeptical of everyone not family. He earned my trust.

Now all these years later he has built another home and two commercial buildings for us. I normally get three bids on every large project that I contract out. Jenkins and Associates is the exception. I wouldn’t and haven’t wasted time with any other since that first home. His experience and knowledge is invaluable. I now I can trust him. If he is not the most reasonable priced there is a reason and I would be very reluctant going with someone else.

 After working with him and getting to know the subs I figured out that I couldn’t contract it myself to save money. Why contract it yourself? He gets discounts and can pass them on to the bottom line. You would pay more than the percentage Tom gets for the subs and materials. You would lose his knowledge, and assume all the risk?   His subs have told me out right that they would have charged me more for the job. He pays them fairly and on time. That makes them want to work for him. It allows him to get the jobs done quickly, beautifully and done the right way. I haven’t seen anyone quicker or better and I have watched many house being built over the years.

We don’t need another home, but my wife will still say. “I would love to build another home with Tom”

If this doesn’t convince you, get my phone number from Tom and I will be glad to tell actual stories and  more.

My only criticism would be that he tries too hard to please the customer. 


John Jennings


Thanks for the Wonderful job you did building the Glorious Skies Observatory


Wade and Gloria Porter